Exposure: Digital Asset Mining, Dash Masternode, Digital Asset Tax Software


  • Targeting 4,000 mining rigs running by the end of 2018. Plans for continued rig expansion through 2020.
  • Own one Dash Masternode (1,000 Dash x $488 = $488,000 as of 3/10/2018)
    • Masternode will produce around 7 Dash per month
    • Also will receive node rewards from other DASH Masternodes via a business deal with Node 40 (3 year contract)
    • Masternodes essentially print money
  • Positioning themselves as a blockchain solutions company
    • Acquired tax software service

Reasons to be bullish

exposure to Dash (they plan to Hodl as of now) and growing digital asset mining operation.

Reasons to be bearish

Under 1,000 rigs mining right now and still need to show they can manage and profit from their expanding digital asset mining operation.  If you invest, you need to believe in DASH.

Bottom Line

Hashchain considers themselves a blockchain company, not just a mining company.  As they diversify their blockchain endeavors, they create an interesting mix of blockchain exposure for investors.

They provide a simple means for investing in DASH, a monster cryptocurrency with endless operational funds and a dedicated marketing team.

Additionally, Hashchain is addressing a huge need in the space. By providing traders and investors with a custom tax software product tackling the nuances of digital asset investments.

Add in the mining operation, and this company offers a vertical play for speculators looking for exposure to all of the layers of blockchain’s technology stack.

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*Principals of MPower365 own stock (as of 3/10/2018) in Hashchain (HSSHF)

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