Digitrade Financial Review

Company: Digatrade Financial Corp (OTCQB:DIGAF)

Exposure: Digital Asset Exchange


  • Digital asset exchange
  • Trade BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC, DOGE
  • Developing a mobile app
  • Direct FIAT deposit available
  • Ease of use for customers a top priority

Reasons to be bullish

Exposure to digital assets that does not depend on the price, but rather the trading volume of the market.  Exchanges make money as long as people are trading assets on the exchange.

Opportunity to add users because of recent challenges opening accounts on more established platforms. Due to poor implementation of features to related to expanded Know Your Customer Requirements.

Focus on Institutional money. Where demand is less established than the retail market and investors have requirements few current high profile exchanges can meet.

Reasons to be bearish

The competition is not just with larger more established exchanges but also with decentralized exchanges.  Will DIGAF find a way to attract and sustain trading volume?

Bottom Line

Exchanges are a wild card.  From security issues to user support the public sentiment is ever changing.  If an investor considers this asset class to be volatile, investing in the exchanges selling “crypto” may be the only way to make digital asset investments more unpredictable.

That said. Exchanges are wildly profitable. With second tier players often making over a billion dollars annually.

Digatrade gives potential exposure to this profit stream by focusing on high volume assets investors love to trade.  If the exchange obtains volume, or their pending mobile app provides a unique user experience. DIGAF will provide exposure to digital assets with upside uncorrelated to the value of the assets themselves.

How they will compete with larger established exchanges and the growing amount of decentralized exchanges is the question investors hope DIGAF can answer.

Legal Information and Disclosures

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*Principals of MPower365 own stock (as of 2/15/2018) in Digitrade Financial Corp (DIGAF)

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