Monthly Archives: February 2019

What to Look for in High Quality Cryptoasset Projects

Hint: It’s not relentless marketing and constant feeding of hype cycles Five components of project evaluation: The project is live and has existing users Well written high-quality white paper Demonstrated understanding of the landscape of possible competitors, substitutes Unique Value Proposition Open Source When evaluating projects I want it to…

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How to Evaluate the Implications of a Cryptoassets Distribution Model

What Lurks Beneath the Surface Can Capsize you as a Cryptoasset Investor Five Components of Distribution: Insider skin in the game (allocations subject to vestings and lock ups reflecting their preferred status in obtaining tokens) Optimized for long-term usage of product Equitable token sale (at least 80% of tokens if…

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Great Crypto Projects Aren’t Always Good Investments

Ignore This Reality at Your Peril as a Cryptoasset Investor Five components of Investability Disciplined Well Structured Capital Allocation Process Proven Natural Demand (adoption increasing over time) Mechanism to Capture Value Brand Defensibility When investing in something you want to make sure your money is well spent via a disciplined…

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Evaluating Cryptoasset Project Teams

Understanding What They Bring to the Table to Make Your Investment A Success Five components of team evaluation: Track record of historical achievements Distinctive Combination of Skills Unique Qualifications for Tackling the Problem Experience Building Distributed Systems Transparent and consistent ethical behavior For a project to succeed its founding team…

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How to Evaluate a Projects Cryptoeconomics

The Foundation of Successful Cryptoasset Investing When starting the process of evaluating a cryptoassets investment potential. Focus on its cryptoeconomics. Absent robust cryptoeconomics a project is unlikely to deliver value to you as an investor no matter how interesting it might be. Five components of cryptoeconomic evaluation: The project requires…

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